Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest fashion obsessions

these sweaters are so awesome for spring and look so good over maxi skirts,shorts,and pretty much anything..definitely a MUST for this spring

these rebecca minkoff mini-mac bags are so cute and come in tons of colors and they are really lightweight so it's perfect for your cell phone and wallet
can be found here

i seriously have an obsession with these shoes and i just ordered mine yesterday! i can't wait to rock these shoes with a maxi dress. can be found here

an arm full of bracelets is really in for the summer and i love little tie up bracelets. They're really simple and can add a finishing touch to an outfit.

holy maxi dress. I LOVE THEM. these are a must have for this spring/summer season and i've added a few to my collection! i'll be sure to make a blog post soon

more to come! first actual blog will be up this weekend!


  1. i love rebecca minkoff! i used to intern for her in the marketing department :]

    1. i'm so jealous!!! i love her..she's amazing